Helios Innovations presents an innovative method for water purification based on low-temperature evaporation at atmospheric pressure.

Our technology uses a cellulose-based packing material that drastically increases the surface area of the water to be evaporated. This enables efficient evaporation without the need for high temperature or vacuum, and when low temperature is needed, the technology can be operated by recirculating residual heat from the customer's infrastructure. The temperature required is only 65-95°C.

By recirculating the water over the packing material, we can concentrate the liquid as desired, making our technology ideal for a wide variety of process water and liquid hazardous waste.

Our technology can effectively handle and clean contaminants such as:

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  • Nitrogen compounds
  • Dissolved salts and minerals
  • Heavy metals
  • PFAS and microplastics

Helios technology is a robust solution for water that is otherwise difficult to purify. The method is independent of the composition of the water matrix and non-selective, which means that it reduces the levels of all the above impurities and more, regardless of the purpose of the purification.