From Laboratory Tests to Industrial Scale

Our journey towards effective PFAS cleanup began in 2022 with extensive laboratory testing. During 2023, we developed our technology to effectively clean PFAS, and at the beginning of 2024 we started cleaning on an industrial scale at our facility IDA in Halmstad, in collaboration with Stena Recycling.

Advanced Technology for PFAS Cleaning

Our technology is designed to clean both short and long PFAS chains with high efficiency. We have an average reduction of 99.95% of PFAS34, which demonstrates our capacity to manage and reduce PFAS contamination in a significant way. 

Unlike filter solutions, nothing in our technology can become "saturated", which means that the reduction level is constant throughout the purification cycle and over time. The residual product where all the PFAS is concentrated is currently sent for high-temperature incineration, but we are working to find alternative destruction methods.

Receiving extinguishing water and fire foam

In addition to offering our treatment units via machine leasing, in the spring of 2024 we have started receiving smaller batches of extinguishing water contaminated with PFAS to our facility in Halmstad. We also accept foaming fractions, which makes our solution flexible and adaptable for different needs and volumes.

Contact Us

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