Helios Innovations and Stena Recycling are developing new technology for water purification

July 5, 2024

We at Helios are proud to collaborate with Stena Recycling AB!

💧 During the past year, we have worked intensively with PFAS purification at Stena's FA facility in Halmstad, and during the spring we received our first loads of extinguishing water and fire foam from several different customers.

🔧 In addition to our PFAS purification, we collaborate with Stena to offer a circular overall solution to industrial customers that give rise to process water/liquid hazardous waste.

🌱 By using the customer's low-temperature residual heat, we can reduce the volume of the process water by up to 97%, which drastically reduces the volume that needs to be sent for destruction.

Read the article about our collaboration with Stena here: